Laylatul Qadr - Good Deed Prompt

Looking forward to Laylatul Qadr but not sure how your kids can participate? Sharing with you this good deed prompt I know your kids will truly love. As a child I loved playing with Fortune Tellers (aka cootie catchers). 

You may have known the device by another name— “fortune teller” is the most common alternative, though certain regions also favor salt-cellar, whirlybird, chatterbox, or snapdragon, among others.

This good deed prompt has simple "actions" for kids to perform such as:   

  • pray 2 rakah salah
  • recite the laylatul qadr dua
  • give $1 towards charity
  • give mom a hug
  • and a few more!

Talk to your kids about the most important night of the year and the importance of seeking it in the last ten nights of Ramadan. Comment below and let us know what your kids enjoyed most about this diy craft.       

Download the Laylatul Qadr - Good Deed Prompt

Link to steps on how to construct your Fortune Teller (origami)     

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